About 5 years ago Klimatgrossisten started their business. At that timethey were incredibly busy with the setup for this monster activity, Klimatgrossisten. Systems, management, logistics, business systems, products, suppliers, just everything was going to be developed.


New technology with logistics such as finger scanning and voice activated systemization was also on the agenda. Intergration with various business systems was also very important for Klimatgrossisten. Back then they were way too small to put costs on it, but today at a new meeting we see the possibilities. The climate wholesaler is aiming to be the largest in Sweden and in Europe mainly with climate-related products and, as you understand, it is not the world’s easiest industry to penetrate. They have previously made travel in the construction industry to know what challenges they face and also push e-commerce around Air / Climate-related products.


We look at the Klimatgrossisten systems from a perspective with LEAN methodology primarily. Where do they have costs? We look into the storage shelves, it’s incredibly hard-to-find products, unimaginable, big and hard to find a structure for efficiency. In order to help the guys we need to highlight data, data from customers’ behaviors. How are the orders actually placed, packed? How big are the orders of the Klimatgrossisten, what does it mean to pack an order on average, how is the delivery received, how it is packed, how is it managed, how is it returned?. Based on these factors, we will look at if we can streamline their flow. We notice that there is a lot to do, the Klimatgrossistenbusiness is sitting on good amounts of data, now it is only going to be analyzed for the next step.


Solutions like these are the most fun to work with because you can streamline something that most people may not think about, you can streamline such superfluous things.


There are quite good solutions in the market, CUB uses very many ones and it is effective based on what we have looked at. In many cases, it’s not about inventing the wheel but just finding the best possible solution. They have chosen to have a scanner seated like a ring between the long and the ring finger. It is scanned quickly, synced up to business systems and presented picklists. The picklists are then matched to the box when placed


There are not so many solutions for RFID based chips yet, that’s something we think will be increasingly popular in the industry. This to be able to check and track their real-time packages and even down there, the costs do not have to be so much higher because of chipping but it can be incredibly profitable in the long run to keep track of where everything is going. The climate wholesaler may become the first supplier in Sweden to pick up sensors in their packages. Continue following, please enter this company which will soon also open a big store!